Update from Atlantic View

We (the owners) were down in Atlantic View this weekend to do some work and enjoy the village atmosphere before things get very busy over the summer. Over the course of the weekend we painted the outside of the house, sorted out some gremlins with the central heating, put up a new bench, put all of the garden decorations out, removed an ugly satellite dish and put up some hanging baskets. We have also ordered a new bed for the master bedroom as we figured that the existing metal bed seems to start to squeak after a few weeks no matter how tight we did the bolts up. Hopefully our guests will have a better nights sleep now.

The village is starting to get busier now, with the vast majority of the shops open and the fish and chip ship and ice cream shop looking likely to be re-opening shortly after the fire last year.

We were just starting to enjoy ourselves and then we had to come home, what a shame