The Owners

Atlantic View is jointly owned between John/Malvenia and Helen/Richard, the history behind this friendship is that Malvenia and Helen are old school friends having met when Helen’s family moved house and she subsequently started at a new school. Malvenia was selected out of the class to ‘look after her’ and they have remained friends ever since that first day and are currently up to 43 years so far! John and Richard have developed a friendship over the years too and when not working on Atlantic View they enjoy a round of golf together or a pint down the pub!

Helen and Malvenia

Both families have children around the same age Malvenia/John have two daughters Helen and Catherine and Helen/Richard have one daughter and a son, Laura and James. Malvenia’s eldest and Helen’s daughter were born in the same year, a coincidence rather than forward planning! Helen/Richard now have a granddaughter, Malvenia/John have yet to become grandparents! Please see our family photos, which include pictures of our parents too.

Cornwall has been in both families blood for generations with Grandparents being the first to discover Cornwall back in the 1950’s and subsequently each generation has grown up coming to Cornwall for family holidays and the place is full of many fond memories. Port Isaac has a very special place as this was a favourite holiday destination of Malvenia’s parents and this was the last place that Malvenia spent a holiday with her beloved Father before he suddenly passed away in 2009. Helen and Richard have been coming to Port Isaac too for many years and have got to know many local people during their stays. Richard has worked in the area too as he runs his own building business.

We hope you enjoy Atlantic View and will enjoy the house and the surrounding village and countryside as we do. The views from the house are breathtaking and we still find ourselves just gazing out of the windows!

We have tried to think of everything that our guests would need during their stay with us, however, if you feel we can improve please let us know as there is bound to be something we have forgotten to add!